The Black Death

Perhaps no single event had a greater impact on Medieval Europe than the arrival of the Plague in 1348-1351. The staggering mortality rate (over 60% in some regions and perhaps as high as 50% overall) brought tremendous fear, reflection, and change to Europe. It is not surprising then that its occurrence produced a large number of first-hand accounts, descriptions, and explanations. Its impact was not just demographic, however; it also affected the economy, society, family structure, public policy, health science, religion, philosophy, and literature. For this essay, select a specific aspect of the Black Death and its impact on Medieval Europe and use the relevant primary sources contained in Aberth’s book to develop an original thesis, argument, or interpretation. You can use Aberth’s introductory passages, Medieval Worlds, or other sources for supplemental information, but make sure that the essay is largely based on your analysis of the primary sources..

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