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I want a writer from Order# 415679 to be assigned. use the attached article article 1) WSJ Analysis is an important element
in the course, which helps you relate the fundamental constructs to current events in the real world and gain insights in the
future trend of the industry. EVERY student is expected to come to EVERY CLASS prepared to discuss at least one article
from the Wall Street Journal. Students will be randomly selected to present WSJ each day. Each WSJ analysis blog will be
due by the inclass
sessions on selected dates specified on the course schedule. Your blog should be written as minicase
analysis and must include the following information: the title of the article, link to WSJ website, time published, at least one
image or video, and your own analysis of the article. Proper analysis requires that you summarize the article in an
organized way (i.e. don’t copy it or give just minimal information) and explain your interest in the topic, relevance to this
class, application of marketing constructs, and implications to other businesses, etc. PLEASE focus on the application to
materials we have studied and explain how you believe the topic will fit something we will be studying in marketing
management theory. Instant feedback will be given in class during WSJ discussions. You must post at least one comment
on a blog posted by class members within the following week. Note that your comments reflect your participation online and
will gain participation points. This exercise is designed to be beneficial to you professionally, and from a grading
perspective. Please take full advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn, to become more professionally polished, and
to help your grade