Testing the CAPM

Testing the CAPM

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-I have to test the CAPM using the FamaFrench 3 and 4 factor model on random stocks -therefor I need a literature review of 1 page on CAPM including famafrench (3-4 factors) -mention why capm is used what are the limits and why famafrench is used and what are the consequences of this -please use sources where the capm has been tested on the stock market also using farma french -add another 3 extra sources next to the one uploaded, these could be interesting: http://arno.uvt.nl/show.cgi?fid=134544&fbclid=IwAR1ZJGKNKJunMD-PuhVJd8samV5QW3pfjwEuSJbqp5GCxUQ6uMaUb9r8-hw http://lup.lub.lu.se/luur/download?func=downloadFile&recordOId=8910802&fileOId=8910803&fbclid=IwAR1WTPfMUVTf2FZAoalp1PjR3LR3HtR0-Txx5AGW51r6tErxPmByjlyHo3A