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I need an “Terrorist Intelligence Indicator List” (see example: Sample+Week+6+Assignment.docx, attached). Using the materials I’ve
added (in .zip format), with at least 6 sources.
Use the provided intelligence and background information relevant to the (RAP) Research Analysis Paper, to develop a list of six preoperational
intelligence collection indicators:
(A) two on expected terrorist group behavior (modus operandus),
(B) two on expected CW agent acquisition and dissemination, and
(C) two on specific terrorist group motivations/psychology.
Provide sufficient detail on the indicator so as to facilitate notional intelligence collections and the rationale in a few sentences as to why
this is a logical indicator of terrorist/CBRN activity.
Provide cited references in Turabian format (endnotes/footnotes AND a bibliography) to course materials to back up your logic for every
These indicators should represent a thoughtful assessment of the raw intelligence in the hypothetical scenario as it relates to important
course themes on terrorist modus operandi, mindset and psychology and the technical realities of acquiring and/or producing CBRN
These indicators would be used in the real world in plans by counterterrorism agencies to conduct allsource
collections efforts in an
attempt to prevent a forecasted attack, so they must be specific enough to act upon (hypothetically).
Bad example: “preoperational
establishment of xxx.”
Good example: “Establishment of xxx within xx miles of New York City, within xxx days of the expected attack date.”
Exercise learning objective. Recognize that analysis of terroristCBRNE
precedent, strategy, and psychology supports terrorism
forecasts upon which itinerant and guided intelligence, counterterrorism, antiterrorism, and preventive operations may be formulated
and directed.