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This course requires the completion of a comprehensive Strategic Plan.

You have a choice to use either an existing company or a fictitious company. In either case, the Project is to  by save on” href=”http://www.homeworkmarket.com/content/asp-netw583-strategic-management-technology-term-project#”>business proposal format.

The sections are:

  1. Strategy (TCO F)
  2. Core Competencies (TCO C)
  3. Industry Dynamics (TCO A)
  4. Technology Sourcing and Internal Innovation (TCO D)
  5. Product Development Strategy (TCO E)
  6. Strategy to protect innovations (TCO B)
  7. A bibliography listing your references for the project

Ideas to Help Prepare the Course Project

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Section 1 “ Strategy

TCO F “ Given an organizational and industry context, identify and suggest a deployment strategy that will facilitate the success of a technologically driven organization.

This is the most important part of the project, because it sets the direction for all other sections. In this section, you establish the strategy for an organization.

Often people refer to this component as the œVision or œMission of a company, but it is not. The Vision for a company could be that you want to be a market leader. However, the technology strategy tells everyone how you will achieve that market leadership. The technology strategy tells the various stakeholders “ employees, customers, community, and stockholders “ what you are going to do to achieve that market leadership. This strategy should be very clear and easy to understand so that everyone will be œon the same page when it comes to working together toward that goal.

In this section, you should describe what œSHOULD be the strategy of a technologically driven company. You should focus specifically on the technology strategy. You should think about all the things we learned in the class that will determine a strategy that will help the company succeed.

Remember that you can use either an existing company or a fictitious company. If you choose to use an existing company, you can visit their web site to see if their strategy is listed. Or you can do a web search on their technology strategy to see if anyone has written any stories about their strategy. For a fictitious company, you should make up a technology strategy that fits that type of company.

Examples of a Technology Strategy:

The key is to be able to describe the strategy in a 1 or 2 sentence summary and in detail as well. The description should start or end with the simple sentence statement of the technology strategy. However, there must be sufficient detail to explain why that is the right strategy.

Section 2 “ Core Competencies

TCO C “ Given an organizational and industry context, identify the core technological competencies of the organization.

Like all subsequent sections of the project, this section is based on the Strategy Section.


The best way to do this section is  by save on” href=”http://www.homeworkmarket.com/content/asp-netw583-strategic-management-technology-term-project#”>what is the best way to œSource the technology that supports the strategy. A complete discussion about how best to manage the innovative capabilities of the company being described is required.

Section 5 “ Product Development Strategy

TCO E “ Given information about a company’s industry, and organization, formulate a technological innovation strategy through its new product development strategy.

Product Development is very important to an organization. This section will describe how the company will structure its product development. Obviously, the kind of structure will be determined directly by the technology strategy stated in Section 1.

Section 6 Strategy to protect innovations

TCO B “ Given a company situation be able to determine whether and how to protect its technological innovations.

Using the things learned in the class, describe how you would use patents, trade secrets, copyrights, etc. to protect the Intellectual Property (IP) required to support the strategy.

See the Syllabus section œDue Dates for Assignments & Exams for due date information. Submit your Click here for more on this paper¦¦.