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Assignment, i need you to do it for me . In one MS Word document, answer the questions from each of the following three
parts: Part I: Copyright Basics Watch the Copyright Basics video by the Copyright Clearance Center. (
) Answer the following questions: What is copyright?
Copyright is automatic when _____________. Is a copyright symbol (c) required for a work to be protected under
copyright? What are three things not protected by copyright? Logos and tag lines are not protected by copyright but may be
protected by ___________. What four factors are used to determine whether the use of a copyrighted work is allowed
under “fair use”? What is the first sale doctrine? What is “attribution” as it pertains to copyright? What is “public domain” as it
pertains to copyright? When in doubt, get _______ from the copyright holder. Find a credible website (perhaps a .gov
website) and briefly describe the difference between a patent, trademark and copyright. Part II: ISU Library’s OneSearch
tool and citing Using the ISU Library’s OneSearch tool, perform the following search: Boolean/Phrase: wearable technology
Limiters: Full Text; Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals; Published between 2012 and 2014 Source Type: Academic
Journals Subject: Wearable Technology Publication: Personal & Ubiquitous Computing Copy and paste the “Current
Search” section on the left side of the screen into your MS Word document. How would you cite (in a references section) the
first search result in APA format? (Hint: Use OneSearch to help you.) Part III: Creative Commons: Watch the Creative
Commons video and review the content on the Creative Commons “about” web page. (
) Answer the following questions: 1. Briefly describe the purpose and benefits of the Creative Commons. 2. Briefly describe
how Creative Commons help creators optout
of copyright altogether