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Project Topic and Requirements
1. The system analysis and design project must be realistic and it will be done using techniques covered in this course. The
project will require you to perform requirements analysis, system and database design, and a project plan. The project
would need to not only discuss key project management (PM) steps, but also illustrate, via screenshots, successes and
milestones accomplished via Microsoft Project, as the PM tool. The project would take the reader through the entire project
management process, from beginning to end.
Topic Selected: Internet shopping sites (clothing, shoes, books, music, or others)
2. The project requires students to perform three phases:
(a) Requirements analysis
(b) System and database design
(c) Project plan. The planning part requires the use of MS Project software.
Phase 1: Requirement analysis
A. Problem definition
B. Issues
C. Objectives
D. Requirements
E. Constraints
F. Description of the proposed system
G. Logical model design
H. Specific requirements, if any
Phase 2: System and database design (Physical model design)
A. User interface
B. Data design
C. System architecture design
Phase 3: Project