susan Browmiller’s

based on susan Browmiller’s essay let’s put pornography back in the closet

Write an analysis in response to the essay. Be sure to craft a THESIS to govern the essay. You will interpret and analyze your text and situate it within your own analytical perspective. You may do this by working with a concept, definition, debate, theory, comparison, description, and/or process of your choice from the reading. You can critique how your selected essay’s author formulates his/her argument, or you may simple analyze the concepts presented in the chosen essay. As long as you take a stance and dismantle some part of the argument, you are analyzing. Interact with your source.

Topics: As long as you stay within related ideas found in these essays, any topic is fine. It does NOT have to be exactly one of these issues; it may be an issue that corresponds to these or is tangential, yet related. See what jumps out at you in the readings and take it from there. Develop your OWN ideas to present, but you will also use your source (the essay) along the way. You might argue against a foundational definition, notice something your source neglects or assumes.

Source Requirements: You must use at least two quotations from your selected source essay.

Documentation: Full in-text documentation is required for quoted material. Include a œWorks Cited page on which you will list your textbook essay in proper MLA format.