Study of acquisition and financing methods by Reits in Singapore to determine if an investment is yield accretive or dilutive Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

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Research Problem:
Singapore has the 2nd largest Reits and property trusts in Asia and most Singaporean investors have included Reits in their personal portfolio. Hence, it is important as unit holders, with voting rights, to study the financing options of Reits and whether proposals to acquire new properties are always accretive as suggested by the Reits managers.

Prior Research on Reits financing and whether it is accretive:
There are a number of publications on why and how REIT should acquire properties to grow dividends for their unit holders mainly from US perspective. However, there appears to be limited information devoted on the topic of whether this acquisition strategy will always be accretive and for the interest of unit holders in Singapore.

Contribution of my proposed study:
This study aims to study the acquisition of properties made by Singapore Reits managers for the past 5 years to determine if that lead to higher earnings and dividends for the unit holders or prove to be dilutive instead. In addition, to determine if the type of financing methods have an impact of determining if a Reit in Singapore becomes yield accretive from unit-holders’ perspective.

Data Collection:
Primarily from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and REIT’s website

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