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Ddevelop a strategy for Holcim (Singapore) encompassing a five year time horizon. The plan has to be achievable and
realistic and you have to clearly demonstrate why your plan will help Holcim (Singapore) achieve and maintain a
sustainable competitive advantage.
You should focus on defining a strategy that can be implemented at the corporate level within Singapore. You may want to
think carefully about which markets Holcim (Singapore) competes in, whether these are the optimal markets and what
Holcim (Singapore) should do over the next five years.
Some key areas of theory that you to investigate: Horizontal and/or vertical integration using prefab for building materials
industry, including their opportunities and threats.
Describe how Holcim (Singapore) will implement the strategic plan. Focus specifically on: a) the fit between any core
competencies and skills that Holcim (Singapore) have and that they can leverage to further effect b) or indicate which ones
are currently missing and outline a plan for acquiring or developing (the buy/make decision) those core competencies. Any
decisions must be supported by analysis/data/research and must take into consideration the present level of resources
available to Holcim (Singapore).
You are required to justify thoroughly why your recommendations are the best possible choice for Holcim (Singapore). Not
only do you have to justify your choices, but you have to explain how these choices help Holcim (Singapore) avoid ‘bad
You must use analytical tools/frameworks that have been published in recognised scholarly publications