Strategic thinking tools Academic Essay – Write My School Essay


There are many ways in which marketing managers decide on a particular strategy. The first step for any manager is to have a strong understanding of the strategic planning process.

Select an organization that you are familiar with, consider the industry and markets they operate in.


Having selected the organization write to the following:


  1. Define the concepts of strategic planning and strategic marketing
  2. Discuss how these approaches are interrelated
  3. Select your chosen organization and discuss how these approaches can be implemented within the organization in order to address potential competitive advantage.


This assessment asks you to critically evaluate expert and academic advice on how to plan a business by understanding the business environment. This assessment is to engage you in the subject and to ensure your progress and understanding of central issues of strategic planning and marketing.

Learning outcomes:

be able to analyse critical capabilities, skills and knowledge necessary for effective strategy development.
Develop a 1,000 word report on the importance of strategic planning and its relationship to marketing strategy. The assignment asks you to critically evaluate approaches taken with the strategic business analysis context.