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Your task is to prepare a Powerpoint presentation (max. 1000 words excluding references) for the HR Director of Ernst & Young that addresses the following questions:
What type of workforce does EY have, and what is important about the nature of the workforce from a strategic HRM perspective? (20%)
This should cover such issues as the characteristics of the workforce, what is special or distinctive about the type of people who work for EY, and the relevance of the nature of the workforce for the company’s approach to SHRM.
What overall strategic approach to HRM is most suitable for EY, and why? (40%)
This should include a consideration of different SHRM approaches, a recommendation as to the most appropriate HR strategy approach for EY, and an explanation for this. Think about the nature of the workforce, and the type of relationship EY seeks to have with its employees.
What would the benefits be to the company of having a strategic HR department? (40%)
This should include an explanation of what a strategic HR department is, and what you think it could contribute to EY.



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