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Please read below forum and write a respond:
Being in Afghanistan, this is a somewhat difficult assignment since there no mental health counselors or anything close to that where I’m at. Luckily my wife teaches at my children’s school and since we are from a military city they have social workers that come and work with the kids that are having difficulty. When I was deployed in 2012 my son had a hard time with me being gone and saw one of these social workers, and his attitude and behavior completely turned around. For my interview my wife is setting it up for me to conduct a phone interview with one of these social workers.

I believe conducting an interview with one of these individuals is helpful for me because I intend to pursue my master’s in social work and plan on staying practicing social work in the military. Social work is a noble endeavor as quick internet search will show that they don’t make the most money, but perform a needed service. These Military Family Life Consultants, as their called, work specifically with military families and my questions will explore different aspects of military social work and how they started working in the military field.


1. How long have you been doing social work, and how many of those years have been as a Military Family Life Consultant?

2. Is this a field you have always wanted to work in?

3. What type of training and education have you had to prepare you for this type of counseling?

4. Since you’ve been counseling families, is there any continuing education you have received to assist you with counseling?

5. What challenges do you face working with kids that are having emotional separation issues?

6. I know that you work with children; do you also work with teens and adults in military families?

7. What do you find the most rewarding about what you do?

8. What are the largest differences that you see between military and civilian social work/counseling?

9. What issues do you see the most from children of deployed parents, behavior, emotional issues, anxiety?

10. In your opinion, from your time spent working with military families, what is the biggest issue you see facing military children’s emotional development?

11. Do you plan on working in this field for a while or would you like to change to something else?

12. What advice do you have for someone wishing to do military social work?
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