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Watch this speech by Emily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81yWqkLj70o&ab_channel=Deborah and evaluate it using the Informative speech criteria, the outline guide for speeches, and the evaluation form for Informative Speeches included in this week’s lesson. You should write a paper of at lest 500 words. Here are the questions you should answer:

1. Did she have a good attention getter?

2. Did she preview her main points? What were they?

3. How was her delivery? Was she easy to hear and understand? Did she have energy and enthusiasm in her voice? How ws her eye contact?

4. Did she cite sources? What were they?

5. Did she use transitions? Were they effective?

6. Was this speech interesting and informative?

7. Did she include a brake light? What was it?

8. Did she review her points? Was it effective?

9. Did she have a strong ending? Was it effective?

10. What did you learn from this speech that you could use in your own presentation?




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