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Paper details
State what population (who) you plan to study (e.g., women engaged in prostitution).
Describe the problem that you are interested in studying (e.g., what is the problem/issue, how many people have it, etc). What
intervention do you intend to use to impact the problem?
Answer the “So What” question. Why is it important to study what you are proposing to study? What don’t we know about this
issue? Why is it important to know more? What impact will the study have on the participants? What implications will the study
have in terms of reduction in suffering? costs? Etc.
State your research question and hypothesis
Identify your independent and dependent variables.
What implications does the study have for social work? How will knowing more about the area help us solve a human
problem, or change policy?
Are Doing an Intervention Study!!!
Proposal Part I Student_____________________________
Mechanics 1 2 3 4 5 Suggestions
Appearance – Appropriate margins, font, pages numbered, pages clipped together
Spelling – correct spelling used
Punctuation – used appropriately
Sentence structure – tense, logic, construction is appropriate
Paragraph composition – thesis, sentences in paragraph linked to topic, transition between paragraphs
Organization of Paper 1 2 3 4 5 Suggestions
Introduction is present & well written; introduces purpose of paper & provides an overview of major themes in paper
Content is logical, easy to follow and well organized.
Conclusion is present & well written; summarizes key points of paper; provides closure to paper
Writing Style 1 2 3 4 5 Suggestions
Academic & professional tone – appropriate vocabulary, no use of slang
Maintains reader’s interest