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For Project #2, you will analyze a film of your choice from a sociological perspective. The project should be approximately 600-800 words. Your project should have five sections, as follows:

Introduction (1 paragraph): an introductory paragraph that brings the reader’s attention to the film that you will address and why it is sociologically meaningful.
A brief synopsis of the film (1 paragraph): a very brief overview of the film, with the assumption that the reader has not seen it.
Application of sociological concepts (4-6 paragraphs): Discuss at least 6 concepts and/or theories from our course that can be applied to shed light on aspects of the film you watched. Please underline these concepts, explain them well, and then apply them to specific aspects of the film.
Conclusion (1 paragraph): Draw together the ideas from your paper in an interesting way that gives the reader insight into what you have learned from watching this film from a sociological perspective.
References. You must cite your sources in text and include a reference list of the sources you used in APA style. You can review the guidelines for citing sources in APA style here:

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