Social and Cognitive Research paper

Topic:  Social and Cognitive Research paper

Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

The research report focuses on implicit biases and stereotypes.

Sections of the Research Report
The method and results section have been written for you. You are required to write the rest
of the report. Your report should contain the following sections:
(i) A title (10-15 words) that provides a concise title for your report
(ii) An abstract (no more than 150 words) summarising the methods and results.
(iii) An introduction (approx. 925 words) with a clear statement of the aim of the study; a critical
review of the relevant theoretical and empirical literature, providing a rationale for the study to
be conducted; and a set of research hypotheses being tested (refer to the Week 8 tutorial notes)
(iv) Two figures (and figure captions). You should make two separate figures using data from
Tables 2 and 3 (presented in the results). These figures should conform to APA format and
should appear on a separate page after the Reference List. These graphs should include means
and an indicator of standard error of the means (standard error = sd / ?(n-1)).
(v) A discussion section (approx. 925 words), which should include a critical interpretation of the
findings in relation to the problem addressed and the findings of others; the theoretical
implications of the research (and practical implications, where relevant); a critical evaluation of
the strengths and limitations of the research and suggestions for future research; and
(vi) The reference list in APA format.