SITUATION ANALYSIS Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

 you need to do research about a company named Trip Advisor and complete these parts ? SITUATION ANALYSIS [approx. 250 words] This section provides general information about the marketing environment including the company, its goals and resources. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis and CDSTEP (culture, demographics, social, technology, economic and political/legal) profile might be appropriate here. Given the tight word limit, I suggest you only highlight the relevant macro-environmental forces (culture, demographics, social, economic, political/legal and technology) that are most salient to your chosen product. Direction can be found in chapter 4 of the text, and your tutorial. ? MARKETING GOAL [approx. 15 words] Set your own realistic goal. Marketing goals should have two things – a focus (either monetary or non-monetary) and benchmarks (by how much and by when). Monetary goals can be net income, margins, return on investment, retail sales (and others) while non-monetary goals can be sales volume, market share (and others). ? MARKETING STRATEGY [approx. 450 words] At its basic level, marketing strategy is identifying the target market, and defining the value proposition. You can find additional resources and frameworks in chapter 6 of the text. Target Customers Segment the market and identify one segment you will target. Develop a profile of your target segment. Value Proposition The value proposition is addressing the question “why will your target customers want to buy this product?” You should construct a positioning statement, and you may want to include a positioning map in your analysis. REFERENCES [not included in word count] You are expected to use at least 5 different academic/reliable sources, excluding textbook. You should include a variety of sources.