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write a project about Sainsbury and National Express organisations in Colchester town-UK.
The project aims to identify the two business organisations (Sainsbury and National Express) that can stand as potential candidates for investment. The outcome of the study should help a risk adverse investor to decide which alternative to invest in. The analysis will take place at two levels; a time series level for each over five years and a cross section analysis to compare between the average performances of the two organisations. The project will be reporting to various potential readers including individual investors at the stock market, other businesses, the government, and the public. The analysis and the comparison study will make use of a various statistical method such as accounting ratios, and the Altman Z-score method to predict bankruptcy.

I will attach THREE documents with this order, two of the are instruction files to help in producing this order, and the third is a model to follow when writing my project. I want you to refer to 40 reference when writing this project.

I want you to send me whenever you write anything…It is important that you update me with whatever you write chapter by chapter as I need to upload the project in chapters (not as a whole piece) as my supervisor needs to give me feedback on the work partially not as a who
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