ROI for a colored image of a PCB bored in MATLAB Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

The task is about ROI for a colored image of a PCB bored.
– Allow MATLAB to crop each part in the PCB board by it self like resisters, capacitors, micro-controllers.

-MATLAB should do the task automatically for any PCB image with out changing the code.

– And it should show the time it take to do the cropping.

– also it should work with any other colored PCB images with out changing the code only the image.

In the attachment u can find the PCB image I’m using to build the program on.

Also I need a report on it contains
– Title Page
– Abstract
– Table of Contents.
– Introduction
– Project Management
– Practical Attainments, Findings and Output
– Critical Appraisal
– Summary and Conclusion