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Write a 23
page response to one selection by an author from the Realism, Naturalism, Modernism 19401960
section of
your book (we have moved to the second volume). You can NOT choose from the authors assigned for the module (Wright,
Brooks, or Walker). Look at the Table of Contents to choose another author from this period.
Your response should include the title of the work, the author and your overall impression of the work as it relates to the
period we are currently reading. Discuss specific passages and how they reflect this period. Include comments on the
author’s style as well (e.g. word choice, use of symbolism, etc). Do not include information about the author or his/her
awards, family, etc. Concentrate on the work itself. Do not use first person (this is different from the last assignment). Write
your opinions without “I feel” or “I think.” Organize your paragraphs and include an introductory paragraph, body
paragraphs and a conclusion. And yes, include a thesis statement.
Include a separate Works Cited page to list the work itself. Use the MLA format for a work in an anthology (see When citing in the body of your essay, use the author, not the book’s
editor, in the citation. Use MLA format for your name, date, page numbers, etc. Title this assignment with an original title
that is not simply the title of the work you are responding to. Be original.