Research Proposal on the Role of Transformational Leadership during Organisational Change – The Case of Virgin Group Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

The dissertation seeks to delineate the role of transformational leadership during organizational change using the case of Virgin Group. Leadership is viewed from four perspectives that include directive, supportive, participative and achievement-oriented leadership. The author notes that these have a significant impact on the overall performance of an organization. However, transformational leadership is regarded as the leadership style that embraces all the qualities mentioned above. This paper seeks to determine the extent to which the current problems faced by Virgin Group can be alleviated through transformational leadership.
Survey method is used in the collection of primary data for the study. The Likert-based questionnaires will be issued to managers at Virgin Group. Given the small possible number of managers in the organization, purposive sampling will be used to select a sample of 15 senior and 15 junior managers from the firm. The questionnaires will be structured to capture data centering on leadership strategy and organizational impacts and will contain both closed and open-ended questions. The study will contribute significantly to theory and practice in the discipline of occupational psychology. It will add to existing theory and suggest gaps for future research. Besides, study offer recommendations for the firm to practice the transformational leadership roles identified.