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This is a research proposal paper. Begin with a statement of the research problem/question (in this case,  chose the negative effects of marijuana on memory and cognitive functioning as my topic). Then, give a literature review (summarize) and cite at least four empirical articles (which I have already chosen and will upload) that supports and is relevant to the research question/interest. Explain what the results in the 4 past research studies tell us about the general problem (effects of marijuana on memory and cognitive functioning). Argue the importance of and why other people should care about this topic. Relate this research topic to class material (I am uploading power points from class that are relevant to this topic).  loading a document that has the complete instructions to follow. Do not use direct quotations when summarizing the 4 empirical articles and make sure to use in-text citing. 12 pt. times new roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins all around, APA format. 6 pages do not include title/reference page.


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