Research Paper, Computer sciences and Information technology

You will be required to write a research paper on one aspect of data communications. The instructor must approve your choice of a research paper. . The paper can

be done individually or as a group not to exceed four (4) people. In the resources area is an outline formatting that will be used. The following is a list of the

requirements for the paper.
1 The document will be done in Microsoft Word 2000 or higher
2 The paper will use 12 pt font
3 The paper will be double spaced
4 The paper must be between 10 to 15 pages per person working on the paper.
5 Graphics do not count toward the total page count.
6 All sources must be annotated as endnotes (MLA or APA format)
7 Must have at least ten (10) references from ten (10) different sources
8 The paper will have a title page
9 The paper will have a table of contents
10 The paper will have a table of tables (if tables are used in the paper)
11 The paper will have a table of figures (if figures are used in the paper)


12 All tables and figures, if taken from a source, MUST be referenced
Your selection of a topic must be approved by Prof. Galus. The paper must be submitted to be graded to get credit for this course..
Your research paper grade will be based upon:
Information provided
Completeness of thought
Clarity of presentation
Quality of questions
You lose 5 points for EACH misspelled word or grammar error. USE A SPELLCHECKER!
The project will be a research paper on a relational DBMS. I am not interested in the GUI interface, except in passing. I would expect that you would cover
1) The data structures supported,
2) The maximum size of files, tables, etc.,
3) How the index of the DBMS is organized and works,
4) How the DBMS meets or doesn’t meet Codd’s Rules,
5) What is the basis of the SQL (algebra, calculus, or a combination)
6) Representative queries in the SQL and what they do.
7) How security is implemented to meet CIA
Along with the database research paper, you will need to demonstrate the following capabilities with the database you have selected:
1. Create a table.
2. Delete a table.
3. Insert a column
4. Delete a column.
5. Update a field
6. Insert a field.
7. Create an ER diagram of your database.