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This assignment consists of two parts: Part 1 library
exercises and Part 2 exercises
involving the application of research
methods concepts that we have covered.
COVER PAGE: The cover page should say: 2030N
Assignment (Jubis)
name and student #
name of your TA
Make sure your assignment is stapled!!!! (We don’t provide paper clips)
Part 1 – Library Exercise
To answer Question #1 you will need to use a pair of “key words” to perform a library search. The two key words assigned to
you are determined by the first letter of your surname as shown below. For instance, if your last name begins with “D”, you
must use “arousal” and “attention” as your two key words for searching the required information.
: schizophrenia and environment CF:
arousal and attention
sleep and cognitive task
altruism and emergency
imagery and word recall NP:
intelligence and birth order QS:
romantic love and culture TZ:
exercise and mental health
PART 1 Answer
the following two questions. Please print or type your answers.
You don’t have to submit the question portion of the assignment, but if you submit
your answers only, be SURE that they are properly labeled so that it’s obvious what
questions they belong to.
Your two key words are:
____________________________ and___________________________
Reference 1:
Reference 2:
Reference 1: Reference 2:
#1a) Using PsycInfo and your two assigned key words, give APA formatted references
for two scholarly journal articles that include both of these concepts and attach the first
page of each
article. One article must be published between 1998 and 2002, and the other must
be published between 2004 and 2016. (Write “Question 1a” at the top of each of these
two pages so that it’s obvious what question these pages pertain to).
b) What subject terms does PsycInfo provide for the two articles you found in 1a
c) Consult the reference section for one of your articles in 1a (above) and select a journal
article from its reference section, that is available through York Libraries. Attach the first
page of that article. (Write “Question 1c” at the top of the article page so that it’s
obvious what question this page pertains to).
d) Give one reference in APA format for a book that is focused to a great extent on these
two key words and provide the library call number (any publication date is acceptable).
Reference: Call Number:
. Consider the APAformatted
citation below and circle the correct answer to the
Haines, R. T., & Mueller, C. E. (2013). Academic achievement: An adolescent
perspective. In J. Hattie & E. M. Anderman (Eds.), International guide to student