RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES MODULE Assignment (2015-16) Academic Essay – Write My School Essay



Grid Question


By taking into account all you have learnt over the last few months design an electricity grid system for the UK which would be fit for purpose in 2030.

The design does not require a description of the technical implementation but should focus on the how the required capacity will be provided (the mix) in order to satisfy predicted demand, the EU requirements regarding emissions and security against blackouts.


You may want to consider the ageing of current capacity, energy storage, and interconnections between EU member states, and perhaps other factors.


Your report should take the form of an executive summary, in which you present the highlight information, with brief justifications, and try to convince the reader that your system will do what is asked.


The addition of significant renewables capacity will add uncertainty to your calculations.  Background reading and research should help you factor these uncertainties, but as the Scottish electricity roadmap to 2020 has illustrated this is not a perfect science.


Word count = 2500 words (within 10% each way), excluding references.


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