Redesigning the privacy settings to make stored information on social Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

1) What are default Privacy Settings in Facebook , Linked in , Myspace Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Hi5, and Tagged in Flowchart( Modelling default Privacy Settings in Flowchart and relation algebra )? More graphical than text
Link : very similar to this paper:
Evaluating social media privacy settings for personal and advertising purposes:

2) What are risks in relation to data disclosure when the user on default Privacy Settings for each case “Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, Linked in , Myspace, Google+, Hi5, and Tagged” ?
3) In the table : the table has a lot of data items . which one is more important than others when it comes to data sensitivity in relation with data sharing? Please Provide math equation for this .
4) Is it possible to limits the risks after signup with reassigning the privacy settings ? show how user change the privacy settings in in Flowchart and relation algebra ?