Public Health 2025 and Beyond

Public Health 2025 and Beyond

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Title:   Discussion | Public Health 2025 and Beyond

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Advances in translational medicine and gene therapy promise a new era of personalized medicine. Implementation science, health services and policy research, and regulatory policies all have a role in evaluating how we can move translational medicine into public health practice. How do we measure the effectiveness and cost of this process?


“Our vision is that, in the not too distant future, each patient will be surrounded by a ‘virtual cloud’ of billions of data points that will uniquely define their past medical history and current health status. Furthermore, it will be possible to mine the billions of data points from hundreds of millions of individuals to generate algorithms to help predict the future clinical needs for each patient” (Hood and Friend, 2013).


Use the following reference as necessary to better understand the relationship of personalized medicine and public health.


Why is personalized medicine relevant to public health? (opens in new window)



  1. How does public health tie in with personalized medicine and how does it apply to everyday life?
  2. Are more effective prevention programs and a higher precision in the treatment of disease needed to advance public health objectives?


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Initial Posts: 250-300 words

Reference at least 3 scholarly resources

APA formatted references in posts