Psychological empowerment

Topic: Psychological empowerment

Preferred language style: English (U.K.)

The formal instruction from the uni have been attached.

Please read very carefully and follow the instruction.

I’ve chosen to do Psychological Empowerment for this presentation.

Please note that this is actually a note for a power point presentation. ( I will do the slides my self later, after receiving your notes).

In the formal instruction, they’ve given a headings, such as œOverview of the content of the presentation, please write your notes under those headings, so I will know which slides it is for.

It is actually a 2000 words notes, so even though i have paid for 2200, please do only 2000 and not more than that.

The last things is, reference list and intext citation is compulsory, please paraphrase everything and CITE it (APA style). I will get 0 if i get caught plagiarizing.

Please do it the best you can, I’ll really appreciate it.