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A go-kart is a small four-wheel machinewhich comes in different shapes and forms that could range from motor less models to high powered racing machines called super-karts. Go-kart technology has gone through changes forimprovements, since the invention of wheels. But, it was not fully implemented in racing activity .The first go-kart that was ever built consisted of a simple cart comprising of wheels and handles joined together as children pushed it from behind when learning to walk or a four-wheeler platform where children could sit on it while other children pushed the cart around. The first go-kart was invented in the year 1956 in California by Art Ingles and Lou Borelli using 100cc mower engines and strong steel frames from scratch. Art Ingles iscalled the father of go-karts. The kart was made from scrap metal and a lawn mower engine.

The steering system is one of the most important components in a go-kart. The steering system converts the rotation of the steering wheel into swivelling movement of the road wheels in a way that the steering-wheel rim turns a long way to move the road wheels a short way.The most important purpose of the steering system is to obviously turn the go-kart. But the not so obvious part is to turn the go-kart without causing surging and squealing of tires. For a go-kart to make a smooth-turn the geometrical relationship between the go-kart line of action and the turn radius are important. The steering system of a go-kart is not much different from a normal car; in fact it is less complicated. The difference in size and weight make the design and construction of a go-kart steering system much easier.  The Different types of steering systems that have been used in the go-kart are as follows.

Bogie steering system;

In a Bogie type steering system, the two front wheels are mounted on a beam or the same axel and pivoted in the centre section. This system is one of the most efficient for the reason that the wheels uniform ally scrub the same when the vehicle isturned and then follow the turn centre, or turn circle in the correct geometrical relationship. The downside to design is that he amount of movement required to make the go-kart turn could be quite large.

The Ackermann steering system;

In the Ackermann steering system, the axles are mounted on knuckles out and away from the go-kart. The wheels rotate vertically around the pivots, and cause the wheels to run. In this system there is a relationship in the wheels movement to that of a turned centre. The hardest part to envision here is that that the inside wheel is trying to spin slower than the outside wheel. However on a go-kart, because of its small turning radius, the inside tire will chirp or loose traction because it is trying to go as fast as the outside tire. This will cause the tire to spin or loose rubber when the go-kart is turned.

Rack & Pinion Steering system

In the Rack & Pinion system, there is a small pinion (gear wheel) at the base of the steering column and its teeth mesh with a straight row of teeth on a rack – a long transverse bar. Turning the pinion makes the rack move from side to side. The ends of the rack are coupled to the road wheels by track rods. This system is simple, with few moving parts to become or displaced and therefore its action is precise.

This project focuses on improving the steering feel of a go-kart and developing a steering system that is as direct as possible, whilst trying to reduce the costs.

Analyse, Re-design a steering system for go-karts with increased steering feedback and cost cut downs.

  • Review and study the technology behind the steering systems that are used in go-karts
  • Review and study the components used in the steering-systems.
  • Know and learn the existing manufacturing techniques that are used to build go-kart steering systems.
  • Understand how the go-kart steering system is tested.
  • Design a PDS using the knowledge gained
  • Using CES and eco audit investigate and learn about all the alternative materials that could work as a replacement for the current material being used
  • From the list of filtered material, pick a material that would suit the price and could be used to build the components for the steering system
  • Model the go-kart steering-system using CAD based on the selected material
  • Using CES pick a suitable manufacturing process that would suit the material chosen.
  • Build the steering-system and check for quality issues regarding the fit and finish of the surface
  • Test the developed steering system withstand and compare them to that of the existing one.
  • Provide the benefits of the designed system and explain why it should replace the current frame being used.