Products/Brands and Positioning

Marketing:  Products/Brands and Positioning

The essence of this project is to focus on the impact of market positioning on stakeholders “ to do that, you frame it.  For your assigned product or brand, look at:

  • Segmentation:  what method(s) are used
  • Target:  what segment(s) are targeted
  • Positioning:  how have they positioned the brand.  Include a slide with a Perceptual Map

Once you have set the stage with slides showing us how the product/brand is positioned and the underlying segmentation and targeting, focus on who are the stakeholders and how are they impacted.  This is the core of the assignment.   The important thing is to take advantage of working together as a team to expand your list of stakeholders and your awareness of how they are impacted beyond what you would notice if it were an individual assignment.

  • Identify as many Stakeholders as you can
  • Choose 3 groups of Stakeholders.  How are they impacted?
  • Choose 3 frameworks.  How does it look?


Our topic is Facebook.


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