Problem Statement Outline

Description: Problem Statement Outline All writing must be in APA 6 Format and references should not be more than 4/5 years old. The literature review (i.e.,
sources) are strong with the majority from peer-reviewed sources. Responses to reflect critical thought. Whenever possible, please try to relate the
course content to real-world applications from work experience. Create an outline report evaluating the issue you identified in Week Four. Include the
following: ⢠A problem statement for the issue you identified in Week Four ⢠An evaluation of the problem to identify its scope, scale, effect, and so
forth, considering the following levels: o Individual o Traditional and virtual teams o Department o Organization o Interorganization o Partnership o Global
⢠An explanation of each information systems and technology (IST) organizational success factor and how the problem relates with the factors This
evaluation must be a report from the chief information officer (CIO) to the chief executive officer.