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Principles of Marketing


Select a product that you love and use on a regular basis.  You may not use any products manufactured by Apple Inc.  Research the product and the organization to answer the questions below.  Make sure to indicate which question you are answering on your paper.  Answer each question in ample detail to receive full credit.

1.         What is the name of your product?  What organization produces your product?  (2 Points)

2.         What type of orientation does the organization follow?  How do you know?  Explain your answer.  (4 Points)

3.         What type of competitive advantage does the product/organization have?  How do you know?  Explain your answer.  (3 Points)

4.         Select 2 factors within the external environment that are important to marketing managers of the organization.  List those factors and indicate why they are of importance for your selected product.  (4 Points)

5.         Create a scenario following the entire consumer decision making process for your selected product.  *You must create a need, and step 4 must result in the purchase of the product. (4 Points)

6.         List and discuss two bases of segmentation that are used for your product.  Explain your answer. (4 Points)

7.         What type of consumer product is the product that you selected? Explain your answer. (3 Points)

8.          What other products make up the product line and product mix for the organization that manufacturers your product? Explain your answer. (4 Points)

9.         Through what channel(s) is the product you selected sold? Explain your answer. (4 Points)

10.       Through what type(s) of in-store retailers is the product you selected sold? Explain your answer. (4 Points)

11.       List and discuss two factors/ingredients of the promotional mix that are used to fulfill the organization’s goals for the product you selected. Explain your answer.  (4 Points)