prgress report 1 and 2 for an internship program.

I’m an internship students at a company, and I want you to write a progress report like the instructions that I will explain. For that I need a Specialist because I will write a whole report later on.

The company that I worked with is producing a Medical solutions and peritoneal dialysis. The process for this operation is to bring the Contaminated water that full of Bacteria and they treat it to be used to produce the Medical solutions and peritoneal dialysis. I want you to talk about it as a mechanical engineer, because it goes through tanks then the pump push it to the stations that get treated by bassing on heat exchanger and RO system (you can google it ) and boiler and an operation called sand filter. Then they warped it and passes it into a device called (sterilizers ) that treated it from outside also. I’m not sure about the arrangement of the process which one before another, so lock at it online and write. the progress reports 1 & 2 are 5 pages each, so please divide the information into progress 1 & 2. Finally, please be a ware that I’m a mechanical engineer and I want you to write as one.