personal observations or experiences with the leadership Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Select an organization such as your work, school, or other company to which you have access. (ORGANIZATION
SELECTED ZAPPOS) The discussion may focus on one manager/leader or compare and contrast two specific managers in
the organization. Your description of leadership should include the manager’s knowledge of individual and group behavior
and ability to motivate and communicate. Describe their ability to alter leadership styles by referring to situational
leadership theory in chapter 3 of your text. Your discussion should include an analysis and observation of how and when
the leader/manager employs each of the four styles listed below (these may be Level 2 headings in the Analysis section):
• The Telling or Directing style
• The Selling or Coaching style
• The Participating or Supporting style
• The Delegating style
In each of the four cases, provide your assessment of manager/leader effectiveness as you consider follower
developmental or “readiness” level.
Requirements: The paper must be well written with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and references. The Research
Papers will be a minimum of 6 to 7 typed pages plus a cover page and a References page, bringing the total to 8 or 9
pages. The paper will be doublespaced
using 12point
“Times New Roman” font and standard oneinch
description (assembling the paper): Use level 1 and level 2 headings for the sections shown in these instructions. The
paper should consist of the following sections:
• Introduction – (Level 1 heading) describe the purpose of the paper by identifying your organization and clearly stating
your thesis. This is the information that you will show or prove about the organization. A thesis might include a statement
such as “The XYZ Corporation’s leadership is wellfounded
and preparing for success in the future” or, “The xyz corporation
has several leadership flaws that might limit success in the future.” Note that your analysis
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section will provide support for this thesis (or opinion) and your conclusion will describe how you proved your position.
Size: About one page total.
• Background – (Level 1 heading) provide some historical perspective for the organization. You should research and
include references that provide this background information. Size: About one page total.
• Analysis – (Level 1 heading) your discussion of several leadership styles will be included in this section. You may focus
on one or two specific leaders or the leadership as a whole. Use Level 2 headings as needed in this section for describing