Personal Health Plan Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Assignment Directions:

Purpose:  To observe and experience factors influencing health behavior change.

Directions: After completing a self-observation and evaluation on the eight dimensions of health, select one area to work on to improve your health status.  Develop a goal(s), objectives, and strategies that will guide your efforts.  You will then work towards your goal for the next fiveweeks. (I did it)

During the course of the five weeks you will record or journal what you did or intended to do, or what you accomplished or failed to accomplish.  In addition, your journal entries must include statements on variables or factors that helped you achieve your goal and objectives; variables that hindered your goals and objectives; any feelings related to your efforts; and any changes in attitudes along the way. If these items are not included in your journals points will be deducted. You are required to record a minimum of 3 entries per week, date each entry, and write a minimum of 4-5 sentences per entry.(1 page please)

Halfway through the five weeks you will submit a 200 word minimum progress report stating if you are meeting your objective(s), and why or why not.Be as thorough and specific as possible. Include your goals and objectives in this paper, but they do not tally into your word count. (I did it)

Then after completing the five weeks, you will write a 500-600 wordpaper summarizing your experience, and ending with a conclusion.  Your summarywill includethe following: a section stating if you achieved your goal(s)and objective (s), and why or why not (100 word minimum), an explanation on the influence of external and internal variableson behaviorchange (150 word minimum), what you learned from this experience (150 word minimum), and how you could apply these findings to your future profession, making specific application about how you would help others(150 word minimum). (2 pages please)

To guide you in your write-up here are specific questions to answer:

  • What things helped me to fulfill my objectives and move towards my goal?
  • What things hindered or prevented me from fulfilling my objectives and moving towards my goal?
  • Did my attitudes or values change during the five weeks which influenced reaching my goal?
  • How can I apply my findings to my future work in health promotion?

Also, include your goals and objectives in your paper.  These are not to be a part of your word count.You will turn in your journal on line if you kept it electronically,or in class if you kept a paper account.