Performance Improvement Tools and Techniques Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Prepared by: Abdulaziz Alajlani
Submitted to: Dr. Szu-Fang Chuang
Date: February 25 2016
Exercise 3: Quality training 1
 Key performance Indicators Training Program:
As illustrated in the first PITT exercise, that I worked before in under construction
medical city in Saudi Arabia. For a such project, quality is an essential standard that should be
implemented, in order to improve the operational performance. In this regard, Key Performance
Indicators training (KPI’s) was an ultimate and mandatory training that each leader or manager
should have. KPI’s training is a comprehensive training program, which is designed for
managers, leaders, and supervisors to improve their skills, in order to be able to form, array, and
sustain KPI’s. In addition to that, KPI training will help them to learn how to develop a strategic
business plan and learn the best practices of planning and implementation of actions to improve
performance in such situations.
This in-house accelerated training program was designed and implemented by Price
Water House Coopers Company (PWC), and Inter Health Canada Company. The duration of this
program was two weeks. However, this course falls into quality awareness curricula, and quality
measurement curricula (performance measures, quality cost bench-marking, and data analysis).
The objectives of this training are: to have the ability to define what features of your work are
considered as a key, to figure out actions that the work can obviously identify, measure and
quantify. This course includes case studies, group workshops, understand related theories, and
implement KPI’s as an examples to analyze the challenges which our institution confronted in
that time.
As a result of this training program, having a sophisticated view about KPI impacted
positively my skills for quality improvement. There may be some tasks that are not going
according to plan. In such cases, I always try to stay calm and confident, and I influence my team
to do the same. In order to maintain our goal as a team, I started using KPI’s and management
Exercise 3: Quality training 2
dashboard to track the status of our tasks and goals along with detailed working plans and
deadlines. This tool helped me and my team to stay confident and moving ahead toward
institutional goals and objectives.
 Project Management Training Program:
One of the ultimate goals which Prince Mohammed Medical City (PMMC) has is to
operate three out of six hospitals currently under construction in 2017. This goal is stated in
PMMC vision. Measurements and meeting deadlines are significantly important in order to
achieve this ultimate goal. However, projects are usually multifaceted, shared determinations
regularly involving the participation of stakeholders from different departments of an
organization. Therefore, the in-house Project Management Training Program was suggested by
the Training Department and was implemented by PWC, which is the project management office
and the designer of the Operational Master Plan.
The duration of this accelerated training program was two weeks. However, this course
falls into the process management and defect prevention curricula, and the team building and
quality circle training curricula. This course includes relative case studies, group workshops, and
bench-mark examples, in addition to professional analysis for the status of the project. The
objectives of this training program are: to enhance performance and quality practice, learn the
importance of team work in projects, setting budget, learn the best ways to meet deadlines, and
to prepare selected employees to be certified projects managers.
As a result of this training program, the learned knowledge impacted positively my
project management skills as I was the Scholarship Program Manager. It solved one of my
weaknesses which is integration with other stake holders, because integration in such projects is
an important element. In addition, it enhanced