Part 1 – Anthropometry Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Type of coursework to be submitted: research conference-style poster

You are asked to create a poster that presents some findings from the class data. You should prepare the poster as if you were going to print it A0 size, but you will actually print and submit a scaled- down version on one side of A4 paper.

What to include

You will need to be selective as you can’t possibly present and discuss all your results. Choose a few of these points:

  1. How does the class anthropometric compare with international reference standards? Click here for CDC ( and click here for WHO (
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of the approaches you used.
  3. BMI vs % body fat for classifying overweight/obesity.

Format of the poster

  1. Introduction
    1. Brief statement of the objectives you have chosen
    2. Brief and relevant background information
  2. Methods and Materials
    1. Sample analysed
    2. Instruments used
    3. Software used/ calculations performed
    4. Statistics performed
  3. Results – relevant to your stated objectives
  4. Discussion/Conclusion – relevant to your stated objectives