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After watching the movie, pick one or more scenes and describe the characters, the events and the interactions. Then use theories, terms and concepts from your book to interpret or relate what you have seen to topics and issues that we will be discussing in class. You should be able to relate your observations to at least 3 concepts or theories from your text. you must identify a television show or a movie that presents the characters interacting in a work related context. The two papers must use two different movies or TV shows . paper should have the following format: • What did you watch and why • Describe the scene, characters and events • Relate the actions to at least 3 concepts or theories from your textbook You may need to describe more than one scene to relate to a total of at least 3 concepts. The goal of this assignment is to assist you in applying the concepts and theories to your everyday interactions and to some-thing that is of interest to you. The length of your reflection paper will increase accordingly. The maximum length for this assignment is 1000 words. Please include some classifying information about the show/movie. For Example: • Movie Title – Main Actors – Rating – Year • TV Show – Episode # – Channel Usually aired – Source: Live/Recorde
Three Concepts:
Power, Internal Locus of Control, and Communication.

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