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Target Competencies

1. Analyze college-level texts to distinguish motivation, structure, and cohesiveness of argument.

2. Demonstrate the ability to locate, select, and organize material from a variety of electronic and hard copy sources.

3. Write organized, unified and coherent texts using correct grammar, mechanics, diction, and a standard documentation style.

4. Create informative and persuasive texts in which the main points are supported by appropriate evidence.

2. For this assignment, you will be asked to add research and documentation to the essay “Writing in Response to Reading,” include supporting detail (i.e. direct quotations and paraphrases) from documented sources. Your revised essay should include the following characteristics:
a. Length = 1,250 words
b. Citation style = MLA (style required by your program)
c. 5 Required number of research sources . Only one of your research sources can be from the Internet (i.e. company website). All others must come from LRC databases, newspapers, magazines, books, or primary-source interviews or surveys. Be sure to include proper documentation, for both in-text citations and your Works Cited page.
I have…
1. Created an essay with the following structure:
Introduction (1 paragraph with attention grabbing element and thesis statement)
Body (3-6 paragraphs with topic sentences, evidence, and transitions)
Conclusion (1 paragraph with thoughtful concluding statement)
2. Developed a thesis statement that asserts something
3. Grabbed the reader’s attention early on
4. Included clear transitions between body paragraphs
5. Proven my thesis assertion with integrated, cited evidence
6. Concluded with a thought-provoking statement
7. Edited out grammar, mechanics and style errors
8. Compiled an MLA Works Cited list (alphabetical order)


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