Operational Excellence in Airlines Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

The research should answer the main question!
(How to upgrade the operational excellence in Saudi Airlines or in any airlines “open for new ideas and new trends”?)
(operational excellence should focus on those areas: business operations, logistics, systems integration, supply, cutting
The paper should consist of the following:
*Executive Summary (1 page)
*Introduction (1 page)
*The content (should be deep analysis with mostly numbers and figures related to the topics with estimated costs for each
idea or process to upgrade the operational excellence) (9 pages)
*Conclusion & Recommandations (1 page)
*List of references (1 page)
Word document
Classical typo: Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman Size: 12
Aligned on the left or aligned on left and right Margins: left/right 2cm; up/down 2,5cm
You must give sources for all documents you use or words you
« take »,
Web references and books and articles are 2 separate lists
by order of appearance in the text as « name of the webpage » followed by the internet link
by author alphabetic order as author(s), title of the article, review/editor/dates, pages