NonProfit Organization Report Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Paper details
For this report, you’ll be working with a NonProfit
Organization of your choice. How involved you get with the organization
is up to you, but the basic premise is that you are going to write a standard business report outlining the important aspects
of that organization. If you choose, you can contact the organization and interview someone that works there. Otherwise,
your research options can include online research, anything found in periodicals (newspapers, magazines, books, etc),
interviews with people who have been affected by the organization, and other stuff of that nature. The topics you cover are
at your discretion. I believe that giving you the freedom to talk about the organization in your own way promotes creativity
and produces a better paper. While I’m not going to say explicitly what should be covered in the assignment, topics you can
cover are: History of the organization, current structure of the organization, who the organization helps, what kind of
services they offer, and the business landscape (that is to say where your organization fits into the bigger picture of its type
of business or the place/people it serves). If you think it’s important, include it! When researching, keep in mind that not all
information has to be about the organization. (Example: If your group works with homeless people, you can include
research on homelessness in the U.S.).
pages, Times New Roman Font, 12 point font, doublespaced
minimum of five good research resources (Not Wikipedia, Huffington Post, etc.)
page – does not count toward the total page count
structure to the paper (I should be able to identify sections of your paper without too much effort on my part)
include proper grammar, spelling, mechanics
writing style and tone of voice
I will be grading the paper based on a few things. Proper grammar, spelling, and mechanics are an absolute must. Be sure
to have at least one other person read over your report before turning it in. In addition to the aforementioned elements, I’ll
also be looking for appropriate tone of voice and use of research. This paper is just as much about how you tell the story of
your organization as it is about the research that you are conducting. Lastly, I’ll be examining the paper as a whole and
evaluating the topic choices, structure, and the overall quality of the report