New teaching method

Project description

Consider our readings: œCathedral (513), œThe Chinese in All of Us (230), œThe Lesson (507), œSuperman and Me (208), Black Boy (634), œFight the Power (593), and the movie Waiting for œSuperman.

**Write a well-researched, original argument essay addressing an issue important to you related to education. Identify the issue, propose a solution (must be a claim of policy), and be sure to address counterarguments to your solution. You may write a Rogerian argument, or a basic argument essay with a standard thesis statement.**


Your essay must incorporate the following elements:

A strong, unique claim/thesis/argument with which someone might reasonably disagree

An effective introduction and conclusion

Research & evidence:

o At least six (6) reliable, credible sources in an accurate list of Works Cited


 At least two primary sources: one must be a class reading related to education (additional primary sources may include other literature readings, policy documents, interviews, etc.)

 At least two secondary sources (scholarly, peer-reviewed articles from EBSCO, etc.)

 Additional sources may be primary, secondary, or tertiary

o All evidence incorporated into effective Quote Sandwiches

At least two counterarguments addressed

Effective organization with use of transition and topic sentences

MLA formatting:

o In-text citations MLA formatted (sources introduced, quotation marks, formatting of titles, etc.)

o Parenthetical references MLA formatted

o List of Works Cited is MLA formatted

Writing is error-free and eloquent

Essay is at least six (6) pages in length (not including Works Cited)

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this assignment, students should be able to:

Apply course concepts to real-world issues/scenarios

Develop an academic argument with which someone might reasonably disagree

Research and incorporate credible, relevant evidence

Introduce, cite, and analyze evidence

Evaluate, then concede or refute reasonable counterarguments

Organize argument logically and effectively

Format findings accurately according to MLA formatting standards

Express ideas clearly and concisely, without error