Network 206 week 7 assignment 4

This project will provide support for High-Definition IP cameras for DeVry’s campus network.
In Phase 1, you designed a network switching infrastructure that supported both the existing data traffic, as well as additional camera traffic.   In Phase 2, you created standards and provided a configuration template for implementation teams to use in future deployments.  In Phase 3, you investigated and presented recommendations for minimizing layer 2 loops and VTP.  In Phase 4, you will consider unanticipated extensions to the current network.
Phase 4 Assignment

Your manager recently received a request from the Nursing school to integrate their isolated network into DeVry’s campus network.   After a site survey and a number of meetings, specific requirements for the Nursing school was identified.
As the network engineer, your manager has asked you to provide a solution that incorporate these requirements into DeVry’s current campus network.  Additionally, he asks that your solution consider the university’s current network budget, so cost-effectiveness is a major consideration.
Design Requirements
You network solution should address the following requirements:
1. One router with three interfaces;
2. One fixed port switch;
3. Four subnets/vlans;
4. Voice, video, and data support;
5. 24 currents hosts with anticipated growth; and
6. Local file/DHCP server.

You are required to prepare a detailed network report for your manager at the next scheduled meeting.
Your report should include:
1. Type of networking equipment, switches, router, etc.; and

2. Network requirements based on current and future needs;
IMPORTANT: A report template is provided beginning on the next page and you must use it to submit your assignment.  Before submitting your assignment, delete the first three pages of this document containing the instructions.
Your submitted assignment should begin with the Title Page and only contain your report.
Research References
The following websites are available to assist in your research and design for this project.
Campus Network for High Availability Design Guide: