NES China: Business Ethics Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

  1. Briefly describe ethical relativism and complete the ‘Cultural practices survey’ (following page). Reflect on your answers and describe the extent to which you consider yourself an ethical relativist.
  2. Identify a time when you have taken a moral stand based on a universalist perspective. In other words, when did you act according to what you believed to be right, even though others around you might not have agreed?

Review the NES case and answer the following questions:

  1. Why did Steinman and Dr Perrin refuse to give gifts to officials processing their applications?
  2. Why did Chen think that the gifts should be given?
  3. When does a gift become a bribe? Is inviting the officials to dinner bribery? Is giving them a IPhone bribery? Why or why not?
  4. What are the legal and ethical dilemmas faced by NES, and what are their options for action going forward?
  5. What is the moral action for NES to take?
  6. Would your answer to the above question be different if NES were a local Chinese company rather than a German subsidiary? Explain why or why not.


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