Neglect of Occupational Health and Safety in the Guyana Gold Board

identify a specific Human Resource Management issue in your organization and develop a proposal that includes the following

? Background information on the issue,

? An explanation of what you think needs improvement and why the change is required;


? Benefits you plan to achieve.

Your analysis should be linked to the Human Resource Management literature and include the citation of relevant references throughout that help to validate your proposal.

Exploratory examination of gold smelting operation at the Gold Board.

The purpose of the study was to assess mercury exposures and related health issues. The study consisted of concurrent occupational hygiene and biological monitoring, and an examination of the processing techniques employed at the Gold Board. Mercury is used in this facility to remove gold by forming a mercury-gold amalgam. The gold is purified either by heating the amalgam in the open with a propane torch or by using a small retort

Recommendations for improving the retort design to better contain mercury, for ventilation in the gold shops, and for medical surveillance and educational programs. And any other recommendations