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Please answer the following questions. I am uploading a case study. Also the answers to the questions. You just need to
modify them. For the second question to compare with the person in the case study, I am a female in my 50’s, Muslim,
educated and from higher socioeconomic background. I have been discriminated because of my accent.
4a) Based on the various dimensions of difference that result in target and agent group statuses for people, identify 3 target
group memberships that Mr. Shakra holds that you consider to be most relevant in this case. Discuss how you would address
these particular dimensions of difference to ensure cultural sensitivity and compliance with the professional values of social
work (125 words).
4b. Specify your own areas of privilege (agent status) that differ from Mr. Shakra’s and discuss how you would handle these
differences in your work with him (125 words).
4c. Identify and discuss 2 strategies (1 micro and 1 macro) you would employ in your work with Mr. Shakra to address any
social and/or economic injustice issues he may experience (250 words