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Paper details
I want a jazz dance research paper. The writer can decide the topic. It can be related to the music elements such as
1. Syncopated rhythm (is a common characteristic in jazz music that was adapted to jazz dance in the early twentieth century
and has remained a significant characteristic.
2. Improvisation (was an important element in early forms of jazz dance, as it is an important element of jazz music.)
3. Michael Jackson(“the king of pop”, had huge influence on jazz dance and incorporated jazz dance into enormous work of
his dance performances)
Make sure your topic is not too broad. Be sure to find a point of view and determine the purpose of your paper when
researching a biography, historical event or piece of choreography.
* Every paper must have a thesis, a single major point. It should provide the reader with the focus of the paper and serve as a
unifying aspect of the paper. The thesis will help you see where you are heading with the paper. A good thesis often answers
the questions “How?” and/or “Why?” The thesis must be stated as a single sentence in the introduction of the final draft.
* Make sure your paper is organized with a beginning, middle and end. The beginning should tell the reader from the onset
where you are going. The middle then would be a review of literature, supporting the thesis. The end is a few concluding
paragraphs, summarizing the paper’s main points very briefly, with a statement of conclusion.
* The style of the paper is important. This is a formal paper and it is should not be written in the first person. Do not use jargon
and do explain terms not familiar to a general reader. Write the paper as if the reader is not a specialist on the subject. Write
precisely, economically, accurately, and clearly.
A minimum of 5 sources will be cited:
• At least 1 from the International Encyclopedia of Dance
• At least 1 journal article
• At least 1 book (hard text)
• 2 of your own choosing(only 1 may be a website)
do not worry about the hardcopy requirement of reference if you do not have access to jazz dance books in hardcopy. Just try
to use as much as authentic, scholarly journal articles in jazz music and jazz dance as possible