Music appreciation Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

must attend TWO concerts DURING this Fall semester and write two reports
(one for each concert) describing the concert events.
The reports must be typed(double spaced, font size: 12, times new roman), and about 3 pages in length. Original programs or tickets
from the concerts must be turned in along with the reports.(In case the programs are not distributed, you may take a photograph of
yourself and attach it to the concert report).The concerts attended must be related to the course material, such as a symphony, opera,
ballet, choir, jazz,musical theater, non Western music, or a student recital.The 2reports will count as 20%of the final grade.The
concert reports must be turned in on the due date. *All citations must be in Chicago manual style with proper footnotes and
bibliography. Any reports and papers without proper citation will result in failing the class.
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