MullerLyon Illusion test; Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Play some of Henrich’s games yourself and see how you preform. Complete the MullerLyon
Illusion test;
Just play the first MullerLyon
experiment, with 4 trials. Compare your results to those reported for members of
other cultures as presented in Henrich and colleagues (appears at Minute 4:30 in Henrich video above).
Elsewhere, Henrich and colleagues review this result along with a whole series of studies of human behavior (discussed in
Watters overview) that show that members of WEIRD populations perform very differently than those from other nonWEIRD
populations, with long and very diverse cultural histories. They attribute these differences to “culture.” If you are working for
Daugherty Water for Food Institute here at UNL or the State Department, trying to figure out how to transfer western
and land tenure practices to nonWEIRD
populations, why should you consider Henrich and colleagues’ results in your
HOW would you do so?